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Shibby by Qiu-Ling
This is a commission I completed recently for a co-worker.  It was a Christmas present for his mother; commemorating her beloved cat Shibby.  The orange work glove hanging out of the basket was Shibby's favourite toy.  

Media:  chalk pastel on coloured paper
The Lady of the Winter Wood by Qiu-Ling
The Lady of the Winter Wood
Today I have even more OC art for you!  This time, it's Etheria; she's sort of a fairy princess / queen type.  Her status means that I get to play around a lot with her clothing.  So really, this is more of a fashion portrait than anything else.  Her crown in this image is based on my "Swan Maiden" head-dress:…

And her dress has Matyo (Hungarian) style flower forms on it.

This image is under copyright!  It is the property of Christina Stoppa and may not be used without permission!
Steel Magnolia by Qiu-Ling
Steel Magnolia
Here we have another OC revisited.  This time it's Mokuren (magnolia).  She's a female samurai, who after the murder of her husband and child takes up her sword to avenge them.

The armour was based on a set that belongs to a friend of mine:
The Samurai

Media:  Technical Pen and Photoshop for some colour

This image is under copyright!  It is the property of Christina Stoppa and may not be used without permission!
The Dragon and the Storm Cloud by Qiu-Ling
The Dragon and the Storm Cloud
I decided to revisit a few of my OC's recently.  Here's my lovely Kuroi Ryuu (black dragon), otherwise known as Kuroi Kumo (black cloud).  His original name 'Kuroi Kumo" comes from the fact that he is supposed to be something of a Kami; he's the storm spirit.  His second name "Kuroi Ryuu" came into play when he became possessed by a demonic spirit (the dragon in the background).  His story features the struggle between his original nature as a benevolent spirit and the demonic spirit that has taken hold of him.  His tattoos are meant to be talismen which keep him under the demon's control and the orb around his neck is the source of the demon's power.  His costume and character are supposed to be something of an East meets West fusion with inspiration drawn from men's kitsuke and samurai armour.  The use of the European dragon is also a more culturally appropriate representation of a demonic spirit than an Asian dragon would be.

Media:  Technical Pen and Photoshop for some colour

This image is under copyright!  It is the property of Christina Stoppa and may not be used without permission!

New Items on Ebay and Etsy! [May 01/11]

Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2011, 4:26 PM
I've listed a few more items today; a couple of kimono as well as some prints and cards.

Little Sakura Clips by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Peacock Clips I by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Peacock Clips II by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Purple Orchid Clips by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Waterflower Combs by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Pale Yellow Orchid Clips - FOR SALE



Autumn Beauty by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Autumn Kiku by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Blossoming Peonies by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Lime Green Butterfly Clips by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Turquoise Butterfly by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Yellow Butterfly Clip by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Cheery Plaid Set by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Fall Fire by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Fiery Fall Flower Clip by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Fiery Fall Flower Pin by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Fire Blossoms by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Golden Kiku by Kurokami-Kanzashi    Ice Kiku by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Little Lime by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Little Pink Butterfly by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Little Shell Flower Comb by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Little Sunshine by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Large Pink Hana by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Spanish Chrysanthemums by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Snow White by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Taisho Roman Clips by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Taisho Roman Pin by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Channeling India - Pink by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Dreamer's Jewels by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Little Butterflies I by Kurokami-Kanzashi  Little Butterflies III by Kurokami-Kanzashi

:thumb197569879:  :thumb200112021:  

From the Girls Back Home by Qiu-Ling  The Happiest Deer Ever by Qiu-Ling  Oiran Parade by Qiu-Ling  Raven by Qiu-Ling  Wagon Road Dusk by Qiu-Ling  An Apple a Day  Mayday - FOR SALE  Here's a Little Present from THE EASTER BUNNY! - FOR SALE  Northern River  You're Mine!

A Samurai Never Sleeps by Qiu-Ling  Autumn Maiko by Qiu-Ling  Butterfly by Qiu-Ling  Butterfly Maiden - Christine by Qiu-Ling  Etheria by Qiu-Ling  The Four Seasons Robe by Qiu-Ling  Fuji Musume by Qiu-Ling  Ikkiichiyuu by Qiu-Ling  Koi Yin Yang by Qiu-Ling  The Lady of Lindisfael by Qiu-Ling  Lady Autumn by Qiu-Ling  Lady Spring by Qiu-Ling  Lady Winter by Qiu-Ling  Land of the Silver Birch by Qiu-Ling  Mokuren by Qiu-Ling  Momiji Heian by Qiu-Ling  Momiji Oiran by Qiu-Ling  Phoenix Dragon by Qiu-Ling  St Michael Defend us in Battle by Qiu-Ling  Spirit Dance by Qiu-Ling  With One Look... by Qiu-Ling  Dust in the Wind  Hawk Ridge - FOR SALE  Kisetsu and the Four Seasons Robe - FOR SALE  La Luna  Northern Impressions - FOR SALE  Qi-Ling - FOR SALE  Rebirth - FOR SALE

TLWH - Chapter 11
The Lone, Wild Heart:
Chapter: 11 - A Flame Extinguished
By: Christina Stoppa
Flight came quickly to Arcturus. Though Glissendel was a wonderful teacher, Arcturus honestly found himself learning more by observing the dragonflies at the lakeshore. He flew more like them than Glissendel did, simply because of the shape of his wings. Glissendel and all the other Woodland Fairies were more like butterflies or moths in their flight patterns. They relied heavily on flapping their wings in slower sweeping motions and gliding for short distances. Arcturus's wings, however, beat much more rapidly. He was significantly more manoeuvrable in the air and could turn very sharply as well. He was also considerably faster than any of the Woodland Fairies. Though he was only a child, he could already defeat Glissendel in a race very easily.
Arcturus could also do something that the Woodland Fairies had never seen. The child remembered it from his parents and brother. If ever he worried that his wings co
  Kindred Spirits by Qiu-Ling  Kitsuke Accessories by Qiu-Ling  Mukubal Kimono by Qiu-Ling  Soft is the Song by Qiu-Ling  A Cage of Flesh  Akiron   Anime Doodle Arcturus  Battle for the Orb of the Dead   Autumn Fairy  The Funeral  Jewelled Wyvern - FOR SALE

Black Bear I by Qiu-Ling  Bobcat and Snowshoe Hare by Qiu-Ling  Nokomis Overlooking Gitchee-Gumee - FOR SALE

The Blessed Kiss of Winter

Devil in a Red Dress by Qiu-Ling  Distant Mountains - FOR SALE  Hibiscus - FOR SALE


Some of the pieces in my other gallery are now over five years old, or nearing five years old.  So take a few minutes to say goodbye to these babies because they will be removed from my gallery at the end of the month.  Then they can rest happily and peacefully in their retirement.

Up for retirement on May 1st:
Fuyu by Qiu-Ling

Up for retirement on June 1st:
Tridium by Qiu-Ling  Tayuu Calendar by Qiu-Ling

Prints of some of these pieces are up for sale in my Etsy shop:


Killarney 2010:
Silence on the Water…

India 2011:
Wood for the Cooking Fires…

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